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Grants to Colorado Agencies, Districts, Nonprofits, Companies, and Individuals for Initiatives Addressing the State's Water Supply


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USA: Colorado

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Public Education Participation and Outreach (PEPO) Grant Program

Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB) - Department of Natural Resources

Agency: State

GrantWatch ID #202998

Grant Description

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Grants to Colorado government agencies, districts, nonprofit organizations, companies, and individuals for initiatives related to the state's water supply. Applicants must obtain required approvals prior to submitting an application. Grant funds may be requested for statewide initiatives, including education and outreach initiatives, and to fund a Public Education, Participation, and Outreach (PEPO) Coordinator.

Funding for the PEPO Grants are divided into two annual funding opportunities as follows:
Basin Coordinator
Each of Colorado’s nine river basin roundtables may support an organization or individual to apply for grant funding to fund a single PEPO Coordinator. The PEPO coordinator’s primary task will be to coordinate with CWCB and the basin roundtable(s) in all education and outreach activities within their respective basin. This includes coordinating with CWCB prior to roundtable meetings and at up to three regular meetings per year in order to have the most up to date information on coordinated outreach efforts and grant fund balances. The basin coordinators are tasked with developing and implementing water education activities in the basin that support education and outreach efforts for public awareness around water issues and what the roundtables are working on. These efforts must be consistent with the Colorado Water Plan and their respective Basin Implementation Plan.
Basin Coordinator funds may be distributed to the individual or organization subcontractors approved by the basin roundtable with the intention of completing the tasks within the relevant scope of work as identified in the application. Applicants may use funds to cover both time and materials needed. 
Statewide Initiatives
This grant category includes funds for education and outreach-related initiatives that are focused either statewide or multi-basin. These efforts include but are not limited to advancing a single statewide effort, developing new initiatives of statewide importance, funding statewide awareness surveys, and developing education campaigns that can support public awareness efforts on water issues across the state. These efforts must demonstrate multi-basin support and must be aligned with CWCB priorities. 
Statewide Initiatives can include a broad range of activities such as statewide water awareness surveys, statewide water education campaigns, statewide water education collateral and materials including videos, and statewide education related to the Colorado Water Plan.

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Additional Eligibility Criteria:

Eligible Applicants include:
- Governmental Entities
Governmental entities include municipalities, districts, enterprises, counties, and State of Colorado agencies. Federal agencies are encouraged to work with local entities. Covered Entities as defined in Section 37-60-126, C.R.S., are eligible if the applicant has adopted an approved Water Efficiency Plan.
- Private Entities
Private entities include individuals, non-profit organizations, corporations, and partnerships, etc.

Eligible Entities:
- Public (Government): municipalities, enterprises, counties, and State of Colorado agencies. Federal agencies are encouraged to work with local entities. Federal agencies are eligible, but only if they can make a compelling case for why a local partner cannot be the grant recipient.
- Public (Districts): authorities, Title 32/special districts (conservancy, conservation, and irrigation districts), and water activity enterprises
- Private Incorporated: mutual ditch companies, homeowners associations, corporations
- Private Individuals, Partnerships, and Sole Proprietors: are eligible for funding from the Basin Accounts but not for funding from the Statewide Account.
- Non-governmental organizations: broadly, any organization that is not part of the government
- Covered Entity: as defined in Section 37-60-126 Colorado Revised Statutes

For the Basin Coordinator fund, one point of contact acting as the fiscal agent should be listed for the basin coordinator position. The applicant must receive prior approval and support from a basin roundtable.

Additional Geographic Information:

Basin Roundtables map:

Pre-Application Information:

Deadlines are June 1 and December 1 of each year.

To receive funding from the PEPO grant funds, a proposed water activity must be recommended for approval by a Roundtable(s) AND the approved by the Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB). The process for roundtable consideration and recommendation is outlined in the PEPO Grant Criteria & Guidelines. The CWCB meets bimonthly.

Basin Coordinator Fund: Please note only one application for the Basin Coordinator fund may be submitted per year, regardless of whether the full $25,000 per basin is utilized. Prior to submitting an application to CWCB, the applicant must have received written approval from the necessary basin roundtable.

Statewide Initiatives Fund: Projects that exceed $50,000 must go before the CWCB Board for approval, and will be reviewed at the September and March CWCB Board Meetings.

To apply:
1. Review the PEPO 2022 Grant Guidelines
2. Obtain approval from the basin roundtable in which your activity will occur. Meeting dates and contact information are available on the various basin roundtable pages.
3. Submit the application and forms via email to Elizabeth Schoder & Ben Wade.
Work with CWCB staff to address any issues or additional needs prior to CWCB Board review.

All PEPO Grant requests require matching funds. A minimum of 25% match is required for PEPO grants, which may consist of in-kind or cash match or any combination of the two. For more information, see The CWCB may allow a waiver for the 25% match requirement. To obtain a waiver, the applicant must: 1) demonstrate that the matching requirement imposes a significant financial hardship on the applicant; and 2) obtain written approval from the CWCB.

Additional Funding Information:

Estimated Size of Grant:

Basin Coordinator: Each of Colorado’s nine river basin roundtables may support an organization or individual to apply for grant funding of up to $25,000 to fund a single PEPO Coordinator.

Statewide Initiatives: This grant category includes a total of $75,000 for education and outreach-related initiatives that are focused either statewide or multi-basin

Contact Information:

If you have questions, please contact the Water Supply Reserve Fund (WSRF) Grant Program Manager or the PEPO point of contact:

Ben Wade, WSRF PM
303-866-3441 x3238 (office)

Elizabeth Schoder, PEPO
303-866-3441 x3210 (office)

For questions on the PEPO grant application process, contact Elizabeth Schoder at

PEPO Grants Basin Roundtable Criteria and Contact Information can be found at the bottom of the URL for Full Text below.

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