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Grants and In-Kind Assistance to Colorado Small Businesses to Support COVID-19 Recovery

Deadline 12/14/23 Conference Date: 12/11/23

Grants and in-kind technical assistance to Colorado small businesses in eligible locations to support Coronavirus (COVID-19) recovery. Funding is intended for businesses that are experiencing challenges in the wake of the pandemic. Specifically, this grant addresses the

GrantWatch ID#: 187434

Grants to Colorado Eligible School Food Authorities to Purchase Food Service Equipment

Deadline 12/14/23

Grants to Colorado eligible school food authorities to improve food services in schools. Funding is intended for the purchase or improvement of food service equipment. The purpose of the grant program is to improve food safety, enhance the healthfulness of school meals,

GrantWatch ID#: 207635

Grants to Colorado Health Nonprofits to Provide Sabbaticals for Executive Directors and Leaders

Deadline 12/15/23

Grants to Colorado nonprofit health organizations to provide sabbaticals for their executive leaders. Directors, tribal administrators, and CEOs of selected nonprofits will take a hiatus from work and receive subsidies for salary and benefits. At the same time, the nonp

GrantWatch ID#: 198233

Grant to a Colorado Nonprofit in Eligible Regions to Implement Transformative Organizational C...

Deadline 12/15/23

Grant to a Colorado nonprofit organization in eligible regions to implement transformative organizational change. Funding is intended for organizations working in the areas of social services; self-sufficiency and economic opportunity; and health and wellness. The purpo

GrantWatch ID#: 206502

Grants to Colorado High-Need LEAs to Improve Learning Conditions for Students

Deadline 12/15/23

Grants to Colorado local education agencies in high-need districts and schools for initiatives that improve learning conditions for students. Funding is intended for activities that will lead to safer and healthier learning environments. Successful applicants are strong

GrantWatch ID#: 208646

Grants to Colorado Nonprofits for Programs that Benefit Veterans in Eligible Locations

Deadline 12/15/23

Grants of up to $10,000 to Colorado nonprofit organizations for programs and activities that benefit military veterans in eligible locations. Funding is intended to support veteran-serving entities offering initiatives and projects that aim to assist veterans residing i

GrantWatch ID#: 211731

Grants to Colorado Nonprofits and Agencies to Promote Local Tourism Opportunities in Eligible ...

Deadline 12/15/23

Grants to Colorado nonprofit organizations and government agencies to promote local tourism in eligible areas. Funding is intended to advertise and host special events and activities that encourage tourism and attract visitors, with an emphasis on promoting overnight st

GrantWatch ID#: 166314

Grants to Colorado Students and Teachers in Eligible Areas to Support K-12 Education Programs

Deadline 12/15/23

Grants of $1,000 to Colorado students and teachers in eligible locations to support K-12 STEM programs. Funding is intended to offer students the chance to participate in STEM programs and to support the development of new programs. Three types of grants are offered: op

GrantWatch ID#: 192456

Grants to Colorado Artists and Musicians to Support Professional Development Activities and th...

Deadline 12/15/23

Grants of up to $2,000 to Colorado artists and musicians in eligible locations to support professional development activities and the creation of new work. Funding is intended to hone the skills of individuals working in the visual, literary, performing, and media arts,

GrantWatch ID#: 211927

Grants to Colorado IHEs, Faculty, and School Districts to Promote the Use of Online Learning M...

Deadline 12/18/23

Grants to Colorado IHEs and their faculty members, school districts, and private institutions to enhance access to educational materials. Funding is intended to promote the use of no-cost online materials in public institutions of higher education throughout the state.

GrantWatch ID#: 211984

Grants to Colorado Nonprofits, Agencies, Tribal Governments, and IHEs to Address Environmental...

Deadline 12/19/23

Grants to Colorado nonprofit organizations, government agencies, tribal governments, IHEs and other educational institutions to address environmental health concerns. Funding is intended to support projects that reduce, prevent, and measure pollution in disproportionate

GrantWatch ID#: 211196

Grants to Colorado Businesses to Mitigate the Negative Impact of Planned Construction Work

Deadline 12/22/23

Grants of $2,000 to Colorado businesses in eligible locations to mitigate the negative impact of planned construction work. Funding is intended to financially assist businesses affected by ongoing infrastructure improvement work while they are still recovering from the

GrantWatch ID#: 211794
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