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Grants to Colorado Agencies, Nonprofits, and Special Districts for Land Conservation Projects

Deadline 03/20/23 LOI Date: 02/02/23

Grants to Colorado local governments, state agencies, nonprofit organizations, and special districts for land conservation. Applicants are required to submit project summary information prior to a full application. Funding is intended for a range of land conservation pr

GrantWatch ID#: 197362

Grants to Colorado Artists and Arts Organizations for Publicly Accessible Arts Projects in El...

Deadline 02/06/23

Grants of up to $1,500 to Colorado individual artists, arts organizations, and groups in eligible areas for temporary or permanent visual public art projects. Funding is intended to positively impact the local quality of life by engaging the public with art in its vario

GrantWatch ID#: 187582

Grants to Colorado Nonprofits in Eligible Regions for Programs and Services that Address Subst...

Deadline 02/06/23

Grants of $30,000 to Colorado nonprofit organizations in eligible regions for services and programs that address substance abuse among teenagers. Funds may be used for education and outreach projects as well as for general operating support. Funding is intended to assis

GrantWatch ID#: 207630

Grants to Colorado Nonprofits, CBOs, Housing Authorities, and School Districts for Initiatives...

Deadline 02/07/23

Grants to Colorado nonprofit and community-based organizations, public housing authorities, and school districts for initiatives to address the needs of new immigrants throughout the state. Funding is intended for programs and services in the areas of mental health, leg

GrantWatch ID#: 207628

Grants to Colorado Emergency Medical Service Providers to Improve Services and Capacity

Deadline 02/15/23 LOI Date: 02/08/23

Grants to Colorado emergency medical service providers to improve services throughout the state. Applicants must submit a pre-proposal prior to applying. Funding is intended for a range of purposes including but not limited to planning, developing, implementing, maintai

GrantWatch ID#: 150623

Grants to Colorado Nonprofits Serving Eligible Areas to Benefit Local Communities

Deadline 02/10/23

Grants to Colorado nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and faith-based entities serving eligible communities for project support and operations assistance. Funding is intended for activities within a range of focus areas including but not limited to arts, chil

GrantWatch ID#: 205157

Grants to Colorado Nonprofits to Promote Visual and Performing Arts

Deadline 02/10/23

Grants to Colorado nonprofit organizations for programs, projects, and activities that promote the development and growth of the visual and performing arts in eligible locations. Applicants are required to contact the funding source prior to submitting an application.

GrantWatch ID#: 175300

Awards to Colorado For-Profits to Recognize Excellence, Economic Contribution, and Community...

Deadline 02/13/23

Awards to Colorado for-profit companies in eligible areas to recognize excellence in business, contributions to the local economy, and community impact in eligible regions. Winners will be honored at an award ceremony and featured in a local publication. Nominees must b

GrantWatch ID#: 182775

Grants to Colorado Individuals, Nonprofits, and Associations for Neighborhood Projects that ...

Deadline 02/14/23

Grants of up to $1,000 to Colorado individuals, nonprofit organizations, and associations for neighborhood projects that improve communities in eligible regions. Funding is intended for projects that serve underrepresented communities and encourage environmental sustain

GrantWatch ID#: 205503

Grants to Colorado Nonprofits, Artists, and For-Profits for Arts and Cultural Activities in ...

Deadline 02/15/23

Grants to Colorado nonprofit organizations, artists and other individuals, and for-profit community-focused organizations for arts and cultural programming in eligible locations. Funding is intended to benefit the community, foster a supportive atmosphere for artists, d

GrantWatch ID#: 178126

Grants to Colorado Health Centers and Clinics Serving Low-Income Patients and Patients of Co...

Deadline 02/15/23

Grants to Colorado health centers and clinics serving low-income patients and patients of color for capital projects that expand organizational capacity. Applicants must complete required registrations a minimum of a week prior to submitting a full proposal. Funding is

GrantWatch ID#: 199051

Grants to Colorado Nonprofits and Agencies for Programs to Promote the Well-Being of Youth

Deadline 02/15/23

Grants to Colorado nonprofit organizations and public agencies for programs and initiatives to benefit youth in local communities. Funding is intended to support programming to improve the physical well-being of young people. Preference will be given to requests that pr

GrantWatch ID#: 204354
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