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Colorado Historical Preservation Grants: 

Historic Preservation and rehabilitation of land, homes, libraries, museums, film, art, cultural and religious resources. Historic preservation of historical buildings and preservation of historical landmarks.   72 Preservation Grants for Colorado.
Grants to USA Non-Profits in Multiple States for Community Development, Culture & Human Services
Deadline: 09/30/15

Grants to Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, New Mexico, New York, and Texas non-profit organizations serving communities where the funding source has business presence for a wide range of activities. The first informational conference... GrantWatch ID#: 145670

Grants to USA Non-Profits for Arts, Education, Environment, Religion, & Social Services
Deadline: 06/12/15
LOI Date: 04/03/15

Grants ranging from $1,000 to $20,000 to USA non-profit organizations that provide programs and services addressing the areas of the arts, education, environment, religion, and social services. Letters of intent are due April 3, 2015. Although the F... GrantWatch ID#: 149996

Internship & Grants for USA & Puerto Rico Graduating High School Seniors for Latino Arts, Sciences & Humanities
Deadline: 04/06/15

An opportunity including a $2,000 college scholarship is available to USA and Puerto Rico graduating high school seniors to participate in a program that fosters the next generation of Latino leaders in the arts, sciences, and humanities. Students m... GrantWatch ID#: 152187

Grants to Individuals & Organizations Worldwide to Preserve & Revitalize Indigenous Culture
Deadline: 04/15/15

Grants of generally up to $25,000 to USA and international individuals, groups, and organizations seeking funds for projects that directly preserve and/or revitalize indigenous or traditional culture. Funded projects have included documenting a tra... GrantWatch ID#: 151731

Grants to Summit County Area, Colorado Non-Profits for Health, Community Enrichment, Youth & Environment
Deadline: 04/17/15

Grants to Colorado non-profits in Summit,Grand, Lake, and Park Counties for activities in the areas of enrichment, health, safety, children, youth, environmental stewardship, and thriving adult communities. Applicants are encouraged to contact Found... GrantWatch ID#: 152737

Grants to USA and International Individuals & Nonprofits for Research of Latin American Music
Deadline: 04/17/15

Grants of up to $5,000 to USA and international nonprofits and individuals to further international awareness and appreciation of the significant contributions of Latin music and its makers to the world’s culture. Promoting results of scholarly r... GrantWatch ID#: 153344

Grants to Weld County, Colorado Non-Profits for Collaborative Projects to Meet Community Needs
Deadline: 05/15/15
LOI Date: 04/30/15

Grants typically up to $10,000 to Weld County, Colorado non-profit organizations to support collaborative projects that make a positive impact and address community needs. LOIs must be submitted by April 30 for consideration. The Foundation looks fo... GrantWatch ID#: 149328

Grants to USA and International Nonprofits, Institutions for Research, Science & Disaster Relief
Deadline: 04/30/15

Grants to USA and international nonprofits, universities, research programs and educational institutions for earth science, research, disaster relief and educational programs. Applicants must submit a LOI at least 4-6 weeks before the deadline of Ap... GrantWatch ID#: 151434

Grants to Southwest Colorado Non-Profits for Education, the Environment, and Human Services
Deadline: 04/30/15

Grants of up to $10,000 each to two Southwest Colorado non-profit organizations that offer innovative and creative programs focusing on the areas of education, the environment, and human services. Funding will be awarded to programs that make the l... GrantWatch ID#: 152219

In-Kind Grants to Southwest USA and Northwest Mexico Non-Profits & Others for Community Garden Projects
Deadline: 05/01/15

In-kind grants of seed packets to USA non-profits schools and government agencies in Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, California and Northwest Mexico for educational, food security, and community development projects. Seed grants are designe... GrantWatch ID#: 150642

Grants to Grand County, Colorado Non-Profits for Health, Art, Education, Environment, Sports, Recreation
Deadline: 05/01/15

Grants to Grand County, Colorado non-profit organizations that provide services and programs in the areas of health and human services, arts and culture, education, environment, and amateur sports and recreation. Funding is intended to provide suppo... GrantWatch ID#: 152303

Grants to Colorado Businesses & Organizations for Property Beautification & Economic Development
Deadline: 05/01/15

Grants totaling $50,000 to Winter Park, Colorado community organizations and businesses seeking funds to enhance their properties and beautify the City, with the goal of promoting pedestrian traffic and business activity in commercial areas. Eligib... GrantWatch ID#: 152304

Grants to USA Non-Profits & Government Agencies to Improve their Abilities to Engage in Bird Habitat Conservation
Deadline: 05/01/15

Grants of up to $15,000 for up to three years to Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming non-profit organizations and government agencies that are seeking to improve their abilities to... GrantWatch ID#: 153626

Grants to Colorado & Wyoming Non-Profit Museums to Improve Exhibits & Programs
Deadline: 05/15/15

Grants of up to $500 to Colorado and Wyoming non-profit or government-owned museums to advance professionalism by meeting small needs such as exhibit lighting, appropriate collections storage, and other projects that will improve programming. Fun... GrantWatch ID#: 142440

Grants to Gunnison County, Colorado Non-Profits for Arts, Environment, Education, & Recreation
Deadline: 05/15/15

Grants to Colorado non-profit organizations and government agencies providing programs, projects, and/or services that benefit Gunnison County residents. Funding is intended to support programs focusing on the following areas: arts and culture, com... GrantWatch ID#: 152201

Grants to Denver Area, Colorado Non-Profits for Arts, Culture, Children & Youth
Deadline: 09/25/15

Grants of up to $10,000 to Metropolitan Denver Area, Colorado non-profit organizations to benefit local communities in the areas of arts, culture, children and youth. Applications will be considered from arts organizations for performances, exhibiti... GrantWatch ID#: 149357

Financial Assistance to Improve Irrigation Efficiency
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants to provide technical assistance to landowners to accelerate the implementation of existing contracts with the following outcomes: decrease amount of salt entering waters, improve irrigation systems, and increase the number of irrigated acres ... GrantWatch ID#: 124230

Grants to Empower Colorado Residents to Improve Their Communities
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants of up to $5,000 are available to empower Colorado community members to improve the quality of life in their neighborhoods. Residents of ten Denver-area communities can receive funding for a wide variety of community-oriented projects that sup... GrantWatch ID#: 126771

Grants for Environmental, Social, Jewish and Israel-Focused Projects in the U.S. and Israel
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants ranging between $15,000 and $25,000 are being awarded for projects focusing on social, environmental, Israeli and Jewish issues in the U.S. and Israel. Qualified non-profits can receive funding for projects that help to develop a more just, c... GrantWatch ID#: 127058

Grants for Self-Sufficiency of Native Americans
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants to facilitate self-sufficiency for Native Americans. The overall goal of this funding is to provide a measure of physical and spiritual improvement, particularly amongst Indigenes, by providing seed grants to groups and organizations with sel... GrantWatch ID#: 127321

Grants to Promote Environmental Conservation Projects in the West
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants are available for non-profits that are engaged in conservation projects or programs in the Western United States to ensure that Western ecosystems, wildlife, and people thrive there. The purpose of these grants is to promote an ecologically ... GrantWatch ID#: 127618

Grants to U.S. Non-Profits for Environmental Stewardship Initiatives
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants ranging from approximately $25,000 to $40,000, on average, to non-profit groups or individuals across the U.S. that develop innovative, sustainable ideas to improve the environment in the U.S. and globally. The purpose of these grants is to ... GrantWatch ID#: 128737

Grants to U.S. Non-Profits for Energy Efficiency Programs or Projects
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants to non-profits across the United States that develop highly effective, innovative energy efficiency programs or projects that reduce power generation from conventional coal-fired power plants, reduce carbon emissions and utility bills in home... GrantWatch ID#: 129377

Grants to Colorado Non-Profits for Events that Connect the Community with Local Non-Profits
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants ranging from $500 to $5,000 to Colorado non-profits that provide services within the Poudre School District boundary area. The purpose of these grants is to support non-profits that provide single or multi-day events that encourage meaningfu... GrantWatch ID#: 129378

Economic Development Grants for U.S. Universities, Municipalities, Tribes, Non-Profits, and Others
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants are available to municipalities, non-profit organizations, tribal organizations, universities, and other entities, including consortia, for programs that stimulate economic development in their communities or regions. Both planning programs a... GrantWatch ID#: 129782

Grants to Colorado Non-Profits for Education, Community Betterment, and Medical/Emergency
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants are available to non-profit organizations serving the residents of Sedgwick County, Colorado for programs and projects that focus upon education, community betterment, and/or medical issues. Past awards have been given to local fire departmen... GrantWatch ID#: 130422

Grants to U.S. Non-Profits for Hunger Relief, Health, & Environment Projects
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants to U.S. non-profit organizations and charities that initiate high-quality and innovative projects that promote hunger relief, health and nutrition, and environmental stewardship across the country. The purposes of these grants are to: (a) en... GrantWatch ID#: 130432

Grants to U.S. Grassroots Organizations Promoting Social Justice, Sustainable Agriculture, and More
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants are available to U.S. grassroots organizations and movements for projects and activities in the following areas of interest: environmental justice, sustainable agriculture and food systems, reproductive rights, and towards a sustainable New Y... GrantWatch ID#: 130633

Grants to USA and Pennsylvania Non-Profits for Community Development & the Environment
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants to non-profits that provide a variety of innovative and effective programs that focus on either: (a) improving the quality of life for the people living in Southwestern Pennsylvania, or (b) protecting, preserving, and restoring America’s en... GrantWatch ID#: 130845

Grants to Colorado Non-Profits & Others to Benefit Communities from Aspen to Parachute
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants ranging from $5,000 to $50,000 to Colorado non-profit organizations, public educational institutions, and government agencies that provide a wide range of programs and services that significantly benefit the communities from Aspen to Parachut... GrantWatch ID#: 131288

Grants to Youth for Community Improvement Projects and Programs in USA and Canada
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants of $500 will be awarded in the USA and Canada to youth, age 25 or younger, for projects and programs that focus on improving community problems. The applicants may define for themselves what their community is and involve and engage that com... GrantWatch ID#: 131900

Grants to USA Non-Profits in Rural Communities to Respond to Unanticipated Challenges
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants of up to $250 will be awarded to USA non-profits in rural communities to enable them to respond to unanticipated challenges throughout the year. Funding is provided so that organizations can take quick action, which may include educational wo... GrantWatch ID#: 131919

Grants to US & International Non-Profits for Marine Conservation & Restoration Activities
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants generally ranging between $20,000 and $40,000 to USA and international non-profit organizations and institutions conducting activities pertaining to the conservation of the world's oceans. These grants are intended to support efforts to rest... GrantWatch ID#: 132636

Grants to USA Non-Profits for Quality K-12 Education Programs
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants ranging between $50,000 and $200,000 to USA non-profit organizations that provide high-quality K-12 education programs that improve the teaching and learning of mathematics, science, and environmental science education in communities across t... GrantWatch ID#: 132720

Grants to USA Non-Profits to Promote Environmental Responsibility and Sustainability
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants averaging around $10,000 will be awarded to USA non-profit organizations to promote environmental health and justice, encourage stewardship of the environment, and further respect for sustainability of resources. Funds are intended for the fo... GrantWatch ID#: 133051

Grants to USA Non-Profits to Support Environmental and Conservation Efforts
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants of up to $10,000 will be awarded to USA non-profit organizations to support environmental conservation efforts. Funds are intended for land protection, program-related office and field equipment/technology, and public education materials. Re... GrantWatch ID#: 133055

Grants to USA Non-Profits for Health & Wellness, Leadership Development, Environment, More
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants of approximately $5,000 are available to USA non-profits for projects that address an identified need in the areas of health, leadership development, social and environmental cooperation, and breaking discriminatory barriers. Eligible project... GrantWatch ID#: 133113

Grants to USA Non-Profits for Environmental Conservation & Sustainability
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants to USA non-profit organizations that provide quality programs, projects, or services focusing on environmental education, environmental health, and/or sustainable agriculture. The Foundation gives particular consideration to proposals demons... GrantWatch ID#: 134146

Donations to USA Groups, Schools, & Organizations to Promote the Recycling of Used Shoes
Deadline: Ongoing

Donations to USA non-profit community groups, public and private schools, scouts/youth groups, and other organizations that promote the recycling of used gently shoes in their communities. This program is a simple way for organizations or schools t... GrantWatch ID#: 134590

Grants to Young USA Individuals for Positive Social Action Projects
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants to teams of young USA leaders who are supported by non-profit educational, charitable, or community based organizations to make positive social changes in their communities and around the world. These grants are intended to encourage young p... GrantWatch ID#: 134868

Grants to USA Native Artists from Different Regions to Share Native Art Forms with One Another
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants of up to $1,500 to support the collaboration of individual USA Native American artists from two different regions who are learning about traditional and/or contemporary Native art forms from one another. Funding may be used for travel expens... GrantWatch ID#: 134899

In-Kind Donations to USA Non-Profits for a Broad Range of Community Programming
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants in the form of in-kind donations to USA non-profit organizations that provide innovative and high-quality programs focusing on the areas of hunger relief, health, nutrition, youth and education, animal welfare, or other community needs in the... GrantWatch ID#: 134955

Grants to USA Non-Profits for Education, Environment & Arts Programs
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants will be awarded in eligible areas of Texas, California, Missouri, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Kansas to non-profit organizations for programs that enhance the quality of life, provide unique and enriching opportunities that c... GrantWatch ID#: 135105

Grants to USA Non-Profits in Multiple States to Improve the Lives of Community Residents
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants to USA non-profit organizations that are working to improve the lives of those living in communities where the funding source has its operations, including the following states: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florid... GrantWatch ID#: 135386

Grants to USA Schools & Parent Associations to Promote Sustainability & Use of Alternative Fuels
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants generally ranging from $250 to $500 to USA non-profit, public or private K-12 schools, parent groups associated with such schools, and universities that promote the awareness and use of alternative fuels and/or promote the concept of sustaina... GrantWatch ID#: 135455

Grants to USA Non-Profits to Promote Systemic Change & Social Justice
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants to USA non-profit organizations that are working to strengthen the ability of communities to determine their own economic, environmental, and social well-being, and to help people control those forces that affect their lives. Funded efforts ... GrantWatch ID#: 136098

Grants to USA Social Entrepreneurs to Build Strong and Capable Non-Profit Organizations
Deadline: Ongoing

Large multi-year grants to dedicated USA social entrepreneurs who are seeking funds to build strong and capable non-profit organizations. These unrestricted grants are intended to help start-up organizations to plan properly, hire well, and focus o... GrantWatch ID#: 136141

Grants to USA Non-Profits for the Reinstallation & Digitization of American Art Materials
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants to USA non-profit organizations to support projects that address the prevailing needs of the American art field. These grants are specifically intended to support the following types of projects: permanent museum collection reinstallations, ... GrantWatch ID#: 136749

Grants to USA, Canada, & International Non-Profits for Education, Environment, Development, & More
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants are available to USA, Canada, and international non-profits to support operating, program, capital, or endowment expenses. The following areas of interest will be funded: education, social services, community and economic development, and the... GrantWatch ID#: 136772

Grants to Individuals Worldwide to Develop Educational Online Interactive Courses
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants of up to $25,000 will be awarded to USA, Canada, & international individuals, non-profits, and NGOs to develop online, impactful interactive courses that either provide individuals worldwide with core knowledge or transformative courses that ... GrantWatch ID#: 136773